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Organ Repair

We perform service calls on all brands of organs, keyboards & digital pianos.

Organs in most cases to express it simply are an electronic keyboard in a nice full size case with typically one to three keyboard manuals and a foot base section. – by far the most common problem we run into with them are contact issues and in the older units in particular failed and or out of tolerance capacitors.

Whatever symptom you may be experiencing with an organ or electronic keyboard, we would be more than happy to come out and have a look at it for you.

While we do work on Hammonds we do not work on the pre 1975 tone wheel organs – those are a whole different animal as they are electro mechanical rather than electronic and we simply do not have the parts resources to service them. For a list of common Hammond model numbers and types please follow this link

Please note we do not buy sell or accept free organs – Craigslist is your best bet for that sort of thing.

Jukebox repair and service

JukeboxI offer on-location service in your home, game room, or place of business, on practically all makes, models, and styles of antique jukeboxes, modern day CD replicas, and commercial units.. From the old 78 RPM’s, to 45’s, and the current CD players…Names like Wurlitzer, Seeburg, RockOla, Rowe AMI, NSM, and others. Experienced in working on all kinds of electronics in my over 35 years of being an electronic repair technician – repair of selector mechanisms, carriage and transfer mechanisms, and amplifiers, from tube-type to transistor, as well as integrated circuitry.

Note: Jukeboxes are a service call only item due to their size and sensitivity to being moved around.

Mam … Step away from the super glue.

I just spent and extra 30 minutes time carefully extricating a jack from a circuit board so as not to damage the board because someone attempted to glue the plastic jack back together.

If something breaks on your gear super glue may sound like a good idea at the time, but 99.9% of the time it is not.

Super glue

Most of the time it just makes things 10 times worse than they already were.

It is so useless in electronic repair I don’t use even a small tube of it in two years’ time.

Do yourself a big favor and think at least twice before you try to super glue something.

Randy Morgan …..  Owner & head technician at All Service Musical Electronics Repair