Buyer Beware!

The internet is like the old Wild West, pretty much out of control in many respects.

If you are buying something new on the internet please check to see that who you are buying it from is an actual authorized dealer for the product. If they are not there are two possible problems.

One of them being is the product could actually be counterfeit. Yes it is true counterfeiting is not just limited to Gucci handbags any more.

The other is they are second sourcing the product which makes them the original purchaser and you are considered as far as the manufacturer is concerned to be buying it 2nd hand from the internet seller.

In either of these cases the manufacturer will not honor the warranty on the product. In the case of counterfeit products many times the manufacture will require a serial number to order repair parts and if the serial number is not in their system the will not sell the parts to repair it.

Randy Morgan …..  Owner & head technician at All Service Musical Electronics Repair

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