When comparing labor rates are you comparing apples to apples, or apples to Kumquats?


We charge $77.50 per hour here, which for the level of experience, the efficient manner in which we are able complete the repair, and the quality of the repair work we are able to provide in my opinion the best deal in town. 

What is the effective labor rate you are paying, that lower price that other shop quoted you sure sounded good .. But is it really? 

A lower level of experience may actually mean you pay more for your repair.

An experienced well equipped shop may complete a repair in an hours’ time that may take a less experience poorer equipped shop and hour and a half to accomplish. So if the less experienced shop is charging 60.00 an hour you are in effect paying them 90.00 per hour.

If a shop is not factory authorized for most brands they will not have access to all the factory service materials.

This will again cause them to spend more time than needed to repair the unit and again increase the effective labor rate you are paying.

Sadly, some shops quote a lower labor rate and a quick turnaround time to get you in the door, but then actually charge a higher rate, and then take longer than quoted, sometimes much longer to complete your repair.

I was on good terms with a tech that used to work out of Showcase Music, and he freely admitted that he engaged in this practice. Many shops will also give low ball estimated repair cost on the phone just to get you in the door, but then will find a reason to charge you more, sometimes much more.

I hope you found this information useful and encourage you stop in sometime and check us out.


Randy Morgan


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