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All Service Musical Electronics Repair

Fast Reliable Service At Reasonable Rates

34 Years Experience - Free Estimates With Repair - 90 Day Warranty

Factory Trained & Authorized For Most Brands





There is no additional charge for an Estimate, if we provide you with an estimate and you approve it your entire deposit will be applied towards the repair cost.


Estimates are free if you have us complete the repair. If we do an estimate for you, and you do not have us complete the repair, the job is billed at the repair minimum which for most units is 80.00.
Typically if an estimate is declined we will have spent more time on the repair than the minimum would cover, however we discount all additional time and materials above the minimum charge in the event an estimate is declined.


Quality repair of: Amplifiers (solid state & tube), Effects, Keyboards, Pro-audio, Multi-tracks (analog, cd based, & digital ) Stereo equipment (home or professional ) and More! 

If you can plug it in and make music with it. Then we probably work on it..

Keyboard being repaired tube amp being repaired

Fast turn around .. rush service available